Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Voltaggio squared

Michael Voltaggio is Top Chef.

Which means Kevin is not. Sigh.

Though I really did enjoy watching each of the three finalists (and once I have money I plan on traveling across the country to dine at their restaurants) Kevin held a special place in my heart and I was cheering for him from the get go. I've never tasted his food, obvi, but the never-ending remarks about his "simple yet refined" food bursting with flavor that always wowed the judges made him my favorite. Also, anything southern will always receive a nod of approval from me and Kevin just seems like a jolly guy which is something I think everyone can appreciate. Congratulations to Michael.

Michael with his brother Brian who came in 2nd place.

The whole idea of Top Chef still baffles me. I can barely think of which color scrubs I want to wear in the morning in the time it takes the cheftestants to hunt down, butcher and prepare a wild animal sous vide with some outrageous vegetable side dish. Perhaps I exaggerated a little...there was no hunting involved...but wouldn't that add an exciting dimension to the competition? And yes, I'm still trying to wrap my head around sous vide cooking. But it's inspiring to think that someone can become so skilled at their job/profession/trade that they can whip up masterpieces in mere minutes. Basically, I need to drop out of dental school and follow my heart into a world of culinary wonderment.

Anyone?? I guess not. I can dream...

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