Friday, June 11, 2010

Maybe I could like a city life

You would think with time off of school and no real responsibilities, there would be abundant time for blogging, right?

With plans for real blog topics but no time right now to put them on paper, I bring you the excitement in my life right now.
Washington DC!
I'm here, finally! B is up here until August doing a internship "on the hill". He is renting a room in a cute little house with other summer interns pretty close to capitol hill --> great part of the city, I've decided.
After a little walk around part of the city yesterday afternoon and a wonderful dinner and celebratory beers, I'm ready to tackle the city. There are so many things on my list and part of me wants to run ahead and cross half of them off today. No worries, I'm taking it slow. I'm currently enjoying his patio, a cup of coffee, city sounds and contemplating which shoes would be best for all walking ahead of me.

Suggestions for my time in the Capital???