Monday, December 14, 2009

Channukah Happenings

Wow, has everyone seen the marie claire photos of Natalie Portman?? Well, although she is a member of "the tribe" she could not make it out to the PLSB Channukah Party this past weekend. Something about being busy being famous.

Anyway, the party was a huge success in my opinion. I really enjoyed making the invitations and the DIY wreath. It was a fun stress-relieving activity and I didn't realize I could be so domestic. I got most of the decorations at Hobby Lobby and learned how to make the wreath from reading various crafting blogs.

We made beautiful and tasty latkes without burning down the place and I think my mom and grandma would be proud. My grandpa scanned and emailed me a copy of my grandma's latke recipe and she had handwritten notes to me--so cute. Thanks to Brigid, Yasi and the other amazing guests the food and wine (especially the wine) did not stop! In addition to the greasy goodness of potato pancakes, we had Waldorf salad, radish/blue cheese/honey hors dourves, baked kale, chocolate, hummus, queso and much more.

I was overjoyed watching my non-Jewish friends embrace the festivities! They wolfed down latkes and even learned how to play Dreidel. Some actual Jews came too, and I was glad they made the trip from out of town.

SCANDAL below: One PLSB contributor canoodling with another contributor's B.

My mom sent me a Channukah fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements. I love getting surprises delivered and it really helped provide food AND decoration for the party, so it was like she was there helping out even though she was back home.

My mom also sent me a package with presents for all 8 nights! My B got in on the gig too--and you can probably tell who's presents belong to who (or is it whom? I'll never know).

This was the scene on the porch the morning after. My, my was that a crazy night.

P.S. Can someone out there in the blogosphere give me a tutorial on adding pictures and formatting in this !?@*&!^!&** blogger program? It literally just took me two hours to make this post and I didn't even get all the pictures in that I wanted because I desperately need to study for our orthodontics final and I think I am pre-hypertensive now as a result of this frustration.


Yasi said...

*gasp* caught on camera haha
What a great evening it was!

Chrissy said...

I was wondering why you left off other incriminating photos that I know you have on that camera!
The food was very tasty and the celebration was an all around hit :o)

mom said...

I am very proud of your successful Chanukah party