Monday, December 7, 2009


My sister and I have decided to do it. This is going to be a big challenge to both of us, as we are both kinda new to this whole "biking" thing. The longest distance I've biked in one day is probably a little under 30 mi. and somehow on April 17th next year we will ride 150 miles over the course of a weekend. It's going to be hard, demanding, strenuous, arduous and a lot of other words from the thesaurus. It will be a personal struggle to keep on fighting and is a huge personal goal for the both of us. And not to give you the whole spiel here, but whatever we might go through that weekend with our youth and health won't even come close to comparing what it's like fighting Multiple Sclerosis for the rest of your life. If you want more info about MS - you can go here or here to read up on it. My Aunt was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, so we will be riding for her.
In the mean time, we have a lot of training and fund-raising to do. To support us, you can visit our personal fund-raising pages, donate what you can, even if its $5, send the links on to family members and friends --> My page Caitlin's page We will update the pages soon and make them more personal and I'll post about this again as the day come closer and we've embarked on the training. Until then, count your lucky stars for your health and energy.

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