Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting your grub on....

First things first. Is anyone else going crazy over the latest celebrity marriage fallout?? As if we haven't had enough this year (forgive me for getting so involved and thinking celebrities are actually people I know). I'll admit I read a lot of trash on the internet and watch a lot of trash on tv, but even I am over loaded with the stories about Tiger Woods' infidelities at the moment.

Although Tiger's tale (ha) is starting to unravel like so many other unfaithful husbands' have before him, I am anxious to see what Elin Nordegren does. Maybe I'm the only person who notices this, but it's like famous wives are expected to "stand by their man" at the apology press conferences when in fact they have been the ones most betrayed, not the general public. Think about it--Vanessa Bryant, Silda Spitzer and even my beloved Hillary have seemingly set aside their own hurt feelings to be the first to jump on the he-said-he's-sorry-now-let's-keep-loving-him band wagon. It's refreshing that Elin is staying out of the limelight because you know what? She doesn't owe us anything.

What will she do? Do Swedish wives have a different outlook than American wives? What would you do? How can any of us actually predict that?

Now onto the business at hand. One of my other passions: restaurant-going. This post's featured restaurants are two of my favorites in San Antonio.

1) Paloma Blanca. I love this place because it is fancy and festive, but not too stuffy. I always get the Puntas de Puerco which has plenty of variety in terms of texture and flavor, tender meat and a big kick of spice. They have a wonderful patio for getting your drank on and even a special menu for patrons with Celiac disease. Make sure you get there at off-peak meal times because it gets CROW-DED. Dessert is great too, but don't load up too much because Vela Wine Bar is right next door. The ambiance at Vela is delightful and the noise is low enough to enjoy conversation with friends while sipping delicious wine. I can't say I'm crazy about their food, but the menu is impressive.
2) Dough Pizzeria Napoletana. This place is amazing first of all because there is no set closing time (a miracle for a person of my pace) and of course their dough. The chefs make in-house mozzarella and fly in many ingredients from Italy. Dough has receieved a special certification for serving authentic Pizza Napoletana (only 1 of 32 restaurants in the US have this distinction). My boyfriend found this gem in Texas Monthly and in my opinion you literally can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Try the Spiedini, Baby lettuce salad, Margherita Pizza, and a glass of Coscia Roero Arneis, topping things off with espresso and a Nutella Panini. Get even more indulgent with their daily specials. Gah I'm salivating.

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