Monday, December 7, 2009

One (1) second.

3 hours of agony, torture, cursing, disbelief and thoughts of "holy shit how many years is the stress of this game taking off of my life??!!" came down to one final second. That's right, I'm a Longhorn fan (class of 2007). So is Jamie 1. because she is cool and 2. because of family ties. So is Brigid 1. because she is cool. No, I am not going to subject you all to another Texas fan ranting and raving about the emotional roller-coaster eventually leading to victory (how sweet it is) that was the Big 12 Championship. I'm just here to let you all know that though the books and drills may weigh us down, we've created a great group of friends in dental school and we still know how to have fun on the weekends.**

Jamie's boyfriend hosted everyone for a little Saturday college football, come eat and be merry party. It was an afternoon filled with good food, good company and good-ish football. Jamie's seven layer dip was so delicious I wanted to stick my face in the entire bowl. Brigid made adult grilled cheese sandwiches (insert clever adult humor joke now) with gooey cheese and sweet mango chutney on toothsome jalapeno toast that were waaaay better than any other grilled cheese you've ever eaten. Our friend Alex put together a chunky guacamole, the perfect companion to any chip in my opinion and almost worthy of a guest blog apperance. I made some jalapeno poppers to go on the grill, they were so hot there were teary eyes all over the room. I also made these.

Hook 'em!
Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing and
pumpkin cream cheese icing (for color, of course)

Seven hours of non-stop football. Mix in a couple guitar hero jam sessions. Awesome evening! Thanks again to Jamie's B for hosting!

**I know, the weekend technically consists of more than just Saturday. However, seeing as how Saturday covered the most important subjects, football and food, and since Sunday was consumed by studying, this weekend review will cover only Saturday. Hrmph.

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