Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mid week finds

I love reading about food. Rather than just read a recipe, I am entranced by the people who write about the stories behind their favorite recipes. The travels from when they first tasted a dish, the smells associated with cooking it, the people they shared a meal with and how that meal was so special to them. To me, the stories behind this is the best part of reading about food (of course, I absolutely love trying the recipe and seeing how I can make it special for me too). I wish I could write like some authors do on this blog and share stories with some of my favorite recipes. I've always been aware of my creative-writing lackings and tried to overcome, but never made it too far. This blog is one way that I am finding ways to share these stories creatively. Ok, so on to my find (and now on my 2009 christmas list!):
See Amazon link:

I found this the same way I find some of my favorite blogs. I was reading one blog and peered at the blogs they follow, clicked on one that sounded interesting, clicked on one of their followed blogs, and after a few times of this somehow found myself at a new favorite! Is this weird? I don't know this blogger, living in a different country, living a completely different life from me, but wow - I love her writing! She writes about food the way I love to read about food, and likes reading the same. Her post about this book convinced me I must have it and I must cook from it.

One other quick find for those interested:
Organic/fair trade coffee from CHIAPAS! and yummy cashew granola I can't wait to try. And I heard they deliver for free in the San Antonio area (since they are located here), but haven't found the details about this yet. Go support this newer start up in SA!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Jamie said...

Did you see this organic choice flyer up at school?