Friday, December 18, 2009


The dentites are in a frenzy of excitement/delirium because it is the last day of school for the semester. We are currently stuck in a lecture hall learning about invisalign (you'll have to wait until some Toothy Tuesday for deats). Here's a little dialogue from the morning so far.

Classmate CB to Jamie and B: "The dress code for today was supposed to be Business Casual, not Business Sexy."

Jamie and Brigid (looking over the shoulder of a male classmate in the row in front of them): "Oooohh Ahhh, love the wedding photos. The bridesmaid's dresses are so cute."
Classmate GC: "You know, Brigid will probably have some crazy nudist wedding."
Brigid (this was her most logical response): "Can't--my family will have to be there!"

What are your Friday's like at school or in the office? Are you excited for the holidays? Would you come to Brigid's nudist wedding?

***After lunch addendum:

CAC: "Do you think there are like underground humans living on the moon?"
Yasi to CAC: "You have the palate of a three year old. You probably put cheez its on your steak."
JB mocking CAC: "Can I please have more fruit snacks with my mac n cheese?"
CAC: "No, seriously, no one can deny that they love the taste of Little Debbie."


Chrissy said...

I'm mostly scared of what came up when you had to google image nudist wedding

C-Mack said...

well said manning.

its true, the taste zebra cakes are hard to pass up.