Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living for the Weekend

I know we just got back from a 5-day holiday break which I spent mostly with family and close friends watching football and eating, but really, does lounging around and stuffing mass quantities of delicious food down your throat ever get old?

After gorging myself over the Thanksgiving holidays, I still cant help but look forward to all the football and food this coming weekend has to offer!
The Lineup:
Friday: heading to Austin to celebrate a past roommate's acceptance into UMSOD Class of 2014! Congratulations my Nhilita! **
Saturday: Where do I begin?? Long run with E-Dub, for reasons including but not limited to maintaining overall sanity and preparing for our race. Study...the details of how this fits into my busy weekend schedule remain to be ironed out. SEC championship game. Big 12 championship game. I always wonder how I continue to get excited for Texas football when I am absolutely certain that the range of emotions I experience while watching the Longhorns play have a seriously adverse affect on my overall health. The three of us are going to Jamie's B's place, yay.
Sunday: Fight off the "Sunday Depression"...usually involves more food, studying (sigh), running and definitely a nap, or two.

I know, I know. All of you are totally jealous because this sounds like the most incredible weekend EVER and you wish you could eat some delicious jalapeno poppers and burnt-orange cupcakes with us. Oh, I forgot to mention the jalapenos and cupcakes?! Don't despair, pictures to recap next week!

**The third year dental student in me wants to tell her to shred that acceptance letter and hide under a rock until she has chosen a career other than dentistry. True story.

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