Monday, November 15, 2010

And another thing....

Kanye West is a delusional idiot. And I can say that because I am a one-third owner of this blog. He has never proven himself to me, so I'll never understand why he's always saying how wonderful he is. Kanye West uses other (greater) artist's samples to talk over. He cons listeners into thinking he's rapping when he's actually just rhyming the same word with itself, putting an emphasis on the other syllable. I've had enough of his spoiled, childish rants. Can we say undeserving diva? The best thing Kanye ever did was put Dion from Clueless into his music video for "All Falls Down," but then again he probably didn't think of that himself anyway.

I've been listening to hip hop for a really long time and there are much better performers who let their music speak for them. I actually saw Kanye perform in Barcelona in 2006 and for an artist who claims to be changing the world with his words, there were probably about 5 Spaniards who even knew who he was. The highlight of that concert was the surprise Common cameo, as Kanye himself was completely uninspired and unengaged with the crowd, like a robot on repeat.

There's a lot of buzz about Kanye's new album, but I'll probably pass on Paranoid with a Peter Pan complex.

A little stress release....

So school, and my current life happenings, but mainly school, is stressing me out beyond belief. I wish not to include any of this negativity, or any school related events, here on our safe-haven blog. Just know this: your dentist has feelings too. And your dental student's feelings mostly consist of despair and anxiety with a glimmer of hope. And as a patient at the dental school, my life is entirely in your hands and you shouldn't have the authority to hold that kind of power.

As a way of coping, I tried a little exercise tonight to positively de-stress that did not involve crying or calling Mommy (she and dad called me so that doesn't quite count thankyouverymuch). ((I also ate some bread pudding, sue me)).

With help and advice from my classmate Mason, the ultimate camera/gadget photography guru, I made a decision to invest in a new heavy duty camera. I've always loved taking pictures, but have never had any formal training. To distract myself from my sorrows I put on some relaxing music and went around my apartment taking close up photographs of different colors and textures that helped me feel calm.

I think the sink water just may be my favorite. What do you do to de-stress? Here at PLSB we can use all the tips we can get. By the way, I know we've been MIA for about 5-6 months but hopefully we can take the time to get things on our website up and running again.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Night!

Anyone else watching the election coverage? Big stuff happening right now, and I have to admit that this is really only the second time I've been truly drawn to watching as the counts come in and analyzing how all the numbers will play out.
Why now?
In the last election I was really drawn to the history that was being made and how the nation pulled together to achieve something once thought impossible.
Now, it might be more selfish in the reason why I'm so interested. That, and I'm a lot more educated now, finally.

But first, as a quick aside. Did you just see this (whack) from Kentucky accept his new Senate seat?

B and I are texting back and forth as we watch the election results coming in. One of the texts was that someone told him today that he looks like Rand Paul. Now, B has been told several times that he looks like Justin Timberlake; but I think its time this maybe budding politician moves up to being compared to one in the political world. Let's just hope he never says something like 'there are no rich, no middle class, and no poor in America'.

So, this election marks the beginning of what I'm calling in my head the start of "Real Life" planning. I will officially say that one of the few places we are considering after we both graduate in May is Washington DC (!), and the results of the election will affect B's job search. Not that the results are going to change my job search approach, but in my head I have been avoiding sending out CVs and cover letters with the excuse of 'I'll just wait until after the election'. Tomorrow "Real Life" will hit me and I will have no more excuses to not being able to answer the ever present (and starting to feel nagging) question "what are you doing next year?". Its pretty crazy how fast this last school year has already flown by and I know we will be all taking our licensure exam in May in just a few blinks.
Also, along these same lines - everyone send happy thoughts to Yasi tonight and tomorrow! She is among the early brave and is taking her Part II Board exams tomorrow and Thursday! Jamie and I, on the other hand, are waiting until December to tackle this huge exam. You will rock it Yasi!!

Happy election watching to everyone! And, bring on the "Real Life" challenges, because lets be honest - I can't wait!