Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Patty's Party Recap

But are the pictures we finally got from Brigid's birthday party. What a fun night!

We stayed up so late!

Brigid and I have the same boots!

We made smores! (just realized I went a little crazy with the exclamation points, but it was really fun)

Okay--now on to St Patrick's Day. Brigid cooked corned beef, potatoes, cabbage, carrots--the works. It was delicious again this year and I helped myself to about 5 slices of Irish soda bread and butter.

Super cute, right? Can you see the precious little flowers on Brigid's shirt? And by the way, there were other party guests besides the three of us.

The girls here at PLSB are pretty busy right now with dental exams, Persian new year celebrations, trying out a new lipstick shades (see below), ordering Papa John's online and planning our friend Tom's birthday party. We are excited and will be posting pictures...but for now the theme is kind of secret.

It's called "Funny Face."

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Yasi said...

whoooooa lovin the lipstick. and b totally bumps that pic up a notch.