Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to the living...

Remember how we used to have a blog? We'll we're back readers. I know how much I've sucked lately and am determined to NOT be so sucky [Jamie, on the other hand, somehow never seems to run out of writing]. Somewhere in my head there is some sort of blog material and it's coming...soon. I don't think the light bulb has gone off quite yet.

Turns out that recovering from surgery really sucks the life out of you. I thought I was good to go and then I decided to go to school last week. I would seriously come home and fall asleep by 5:15. This past week was the first (and ONLY) time it was good all my patients were canceling because that meant I could go home early to sleep. Oh what a pathetic life I lead.

BUT, good news! This weekend, the sun was shining, (after sleeping 15 hrs in what might be the lamest Friday night ever) I was well rested, and I felt like a normal person again! It was perfect pool weather and I was determined to enjoy it. Oh wait, except I'm still not allowed to get in the pool and my stomach is covered with scars/scabs and a deformed belly button. Well, thanks to an awesome new summer outfit from Yasi [see awful pic Jamie is posting] and a ridiculous but hilarious book borrowed from Jamie, the sunshine was wonderful! Can't wait to enjoy a little more of the outdoors this spring, once I'm able.
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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