Sunday, March 7, 2010

SPRING BREAK !@@$#$ (Part I)

Readers rejoice! The PLSB girls are all back in SA and I'm ready to blog about my time off like the other gals already have. Let's just pretend that I'm not completely depressed about returning to the ultimate despair of dental school and that the reason I'm blogging isn't because I realized I have seen every episode of House Hunters International already.

I had so much fun before I even left Texas as SB 2010 kicked off with a surprise birthday celebration. Brigid failed to mention to the blogosphere that it was her BIRTHDAY on Friday. She had been asking us all week about going out before everyone left town, but Yasi was able to throw her off our tracks, making up bogus excuses. Little did Brigdes know that her boyfriend "B" had initiated a birthday dinner surprise....

A group of almost 20 dined at Ciao Lavanderia and had a wonderful time! (Try the special Wagyu beef dish). We had an after party at the Lion & the Rose Pub and an after-after party until 4 am making smores. I wish I had pictures, but I haven't retrieved them from our photographer, Tom.

Saturday got off to a late start as Ben and I are the ultimate procrastinator-slow-poke duo, but we made it on time to his sister's baby shower in a town two hours north of here. I was so honored to be included in this shin-dig and very excited Ben could come with me even though he is an XY. We were both surprised at how big his sister's belly bump has gotten. Ben couldn't stop grabbing at her midsection with bewilderment saying, "wow I can't believe there's a baby growing in there!"

Thankfully, we didn't have to play any mortifying shower games involving fake poop. There was great food and the host's house was a-may-zing. I was blown away by the innovative design style found literally in the middle of the country. Very modern minimalist, yet elegant. I tried to pump the host about her design secrets because I was betting that she was a blogger, but no. (darn!) What I did find out is that she gets most of her art pieces from an auction in Austin where homeless artists sell their crafts. Seems like a great affordable way to decorate.

After all the prim and proper shower business we headed to Austin for the night to party with my little sister. She got us reservations at South Congress Cafe. This place was really delicious and reasonably priced and I am so glad she made us try something new instead of our beloved stanby. I was skeptical at first as we were greeted by uber hipsters with those terrible plastic glasses and everyone at the bar seemed to be talking about something super existential, BUT the food truly rocked. We started with a Salsa Sampler and then members of the group had crab cakes, the snapper, flat iron chile relleno (me and it was awesome), and five spice crusted pork tenderloin. Thanks to our littlest sister's boyfriend who joined us for dinner AND drove us even though the sister he's dating lives in Arizona.

Since we're all a few years out of college we insisted on going to West 6th which is distinctly different from "Dirty 6th," but after about twenty minutes at the supposedly mature (read: lame) bars we headed to the dirty side for a little more action. A good night was had by all and we replenished our energy the next morning with yummy breakfast quesadillas at Austin Java.

Stay tuned for a Denver will be massive.

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