Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has arrived!!! And so has she....

The weather this past week has been truly incredible! Brigid showed up at my door on Saturday decked out in her sunbathing attire and it was just too funny and too cute. I couldn't let her escape without a picture.

So even though the weather has been so nice, I'm going to hold off on discussing outdoor things until I've gotten a few indoor things off my chest. I LOVE watching TV--like too much--and I get a little emotionally invested in my shows. I don't just watch anything on tv, not that I am that picky, but just a creature of habit. My channel surfing goes between Bravo, TLC, HGTV and E! for the most part. Big things are happening lately with the finale of RHOC and the new season of RHONY.

I'll start with New York. Bethenny and Jill not friends?? If they aren't best friends forever, then I don't know who can be. I'm so disappointed in them and was at first mad at Jill. I could see where being her friend might be a little demanding and Bethenny is just too funny not to love. BUT, then I thought--what if Bethenny is the problem? Maybe she's gotten too big for her britches? Either way, I don't like where this season is heading with all the confrontation. I used to love the New York housewives the best because they were classy, independent, fabulous and their plastic surgery is less obvious, but now I have to say I am disappointed. Please, RHONY, turn things around pronto!

Now for Orange County. I am more disappointed in myself for watching this trash. These women are so tacky. I felt like I was taking crazy pills watching the finale because everyone was against Vicky and I thought she was the only one who made any sense. Those other ladies do not go to work--OWN IT. Making sure your husband's latte is made and that one of your nannies is taking care of the kids so you can get a massage and work out is NOT A JOB. Alexis is 100% allowed to do whatever she wants, but if she felt confident enough in her decision she wouldn't be so delusional to think she and Vicky are in the same boat (or yacht as the case may be). Plus, her husband is a total creeper. How can you have three kids and NEVER have changed a diaper? I was under the impression that raising kids was team work. I guess they have decided to divide and conquer. (She manages all things reproductive and he provides financial support.)

I don't want to get into trouble here for being critical of this lifestyle, but these images are a public safety concern. These women are teaching their children and other people's children that natural beauty is not good enough, money is everything and women should stay at home while men bring home the bacon (even if they are struggling with that duty, ehem Frank ehem). And this travel thing? These husbands act like they can't allow their wives to be unchaperoned--it probably doesn't help that the wives are younger either. The episode where Vicky's girls weekend was ruined by the male partners was so sad and she was so misunderstood.

Let's go back to this old school idea that is being reinforced in the OC--women give intimacy while men give money. If you think this is too drastic, think about when your university educated roommate gets back from a date and says, "well he paid for dinner so I felt obligated to at least give him XYZ." XYX being anything from shaved legs and makeup to--well other stuff, but my mom reads this. There are tons of feminist articles on this and I see historically how this system might have it's place, but it's 2010 and Tamra should be allowed to work in real estate if she wants to! Wouldn't it help out her financial situation anyway? The saddest scene was when Tamra's mom--to paraphrase--basically told her to stay with Simon because she wouldn't be able to afford three kids without him. Tamra should have consulted with Ramona from RHONY who explained her rationale for making her own money--it could be the key to her freedom from a bad relationship.

Now let's go to the silver screen--last night Brigid, Yasi and I saw An Education. To make a long story short, the main character is a 16 year old girl in England in the '60s who has to choose between getting married and going to Oxford. Like those were her ONLY two options. She decided at first that getting married and being taken care of (fancy restaurant$, trips to Pari$) was way more appealing than going to college because her only career options were secretary and teacher. For the first time I realized how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to be "anything I want to be." Until watching this film I didn't know why my parents said that or what the big deal was. I never knew what it was like to have limitations. Sure, being a female dental student has it's rough moments, but at least I get to be here and can sue someone if they don't accept me.

So then the question is....should women feel obligated to rise in business just because our great-grandmothers couldn't? I don't think this is the solution, but have some appreciation for those who paved roads before you and acknowledge how lucky you are to have a choice. Alexis, Tamra, Gretchen, Lynn--do whatever you want, but don't complain when your house is in short-sale, you are being evicted, you don't have the money to leave the guy or you resent your 4th child-aka husband for being unappreciative because not getting out there and rising to your full potential is a slap in the face to women who never had any choice.

Ugh! I am fired up now, but we'll see what happens in 10 years when it comes down to me actually making these decisions.....

For now let's return to fairy tale wedding land. I'm making wedding streamers for a friend's daytime boat wedding. I am MOH---Woo hoo!

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I like what you're saying. Our convos on the topic have always been so rad! Keep posting on this complex topic, pretty please.