Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring (ish) Break

Yesterday when I had the inspiration to compose this post the weather outside was dreadful. Grey, drizzling rain all day and cold--not exactly the recipe for a lovely spring day if you ask me. But today as I sit in my parents house cozy on the couch there's lots of sunshine beaming in through the windows and it's a breezy 55 degrees outside. Love it! Now, I like to travel as much as the next gal but I really just needed a week to do nothing and have my parents spoil me with lots of home-cooked food and good company. I planned nothing all week except a trip back to Dallas. So far I've been pretty productive. Made it to the doc about my knee (finally) and it turns out I have Iliotibial band syndrome...who knew? While the name sounds pretty daunting it just means that I have a few overused/inflamed tendons on the outside of my knee and tendons are pretty stubborn to heal-thus explaining the pain I've been feeling. Nothing that some anti-inflammatory meds, stretching and heat (hopefully) can't fix. Bottom line-I can run again woooohoooo!! Hugo also made a little trip to the vet for his yearly physical and he's as healthy as can be, no surprise there!

First day home I went to a wedding, which despite never really considering having one of my own, I always enjoy attending. Other than a few issues like a terrible echo which prevented anyone from understanding the ceremony coupled with a brief but none the less horrible bout of food poisoning post-cake devouring, I had a great time! My friends in Dallas are almost like family to me, we've all grown up together so it's especially fun to get ready for these events seeing that I no longer live here and I usually only get to see everyone all together once a year. Crucial to my ensemble for the evening, a black bejeweled feather in my hair which I can attribute to no one other than Jamie. She got me this incredible peacock feather hair accessory over the Christmas holidays which I quickly become obsessed with. Having discovered that I can in fact pull off these crazy hair extras I soon bought a few more to add to my collection. I feel like they add the perfect girly touch to any outfit.

Even though I hate the rain plus cold combo, yesterday I ventured out to the mall with my aunt. I always love hanging out with her, though she is only a few years younger and shares most of the same viewpoints as my mom, she provides me with a different but still experienced outlook on life that I can really appreciate. Funny aside: my aunt is so smokin' that some dude just couldn't resist the urge to come up to us and tell her "your husband is a lucky man to be able to come home to the most beautiful smile every night". Really?! Note to all the male PLSB readers-this kind of "compliment" is a lot more awkward than appreciated. Just keep your thoughts to yourself, brotha!! Anyway, after the mall I went to B&N and headed straight for my favorite section. COOKBOOKS! I'm like a kid in a candy store on steroids in that aisle, I get really excited and pick up 10 books at a time pouring over the pages/pictures until I finally can decide on one, ok usually two, that I'll actually purchase. It's too hard to pick just one! Anyway, I came home with this gem and I can't wait to make something from it when I get back to San Antonio. Sorry for the long post, I've missed you guys!

And one last thing, today is the first day of the Baha'i fast (March 2nd-20th inclusive) so to all the Baha'is out there, happy fasting!!


Jamie said...

Thanks for keeping us updated while we are states apart! You know your favorite section at B&N is really the gambling strategy books.

Anonymous said...

maybe you're just bitter b/c your aunt got hit on instead of you