Monday, February 15, 2010

Workout Wardrobe??!?

The amazing Bethenny Frankel says that most people who say they "hate cooking" really just hate the cleanup that's involved. In a similar fashion I think that I've been less-than-motivated to workout because of the overall process involved. I'm not a guy who can just slap on some tennies and hit the trail. I've got to find all kinds of special undergarmets to holster the chestal region and then go through the whole hair washing ordeal afterward.

Ben and I went for a jog on Saturday at the new trail near where we live. School was really getting me down and I thought I should start the day with some fresh air. It felt great to be out there and when my run was over I felt like I could have just kept going!

Now let's back up to an hour before this. Digging through piles of clothes to make sure I looked presentable for a run! Does anyone else go through this ordeal? I feel comfortable with my choice of footwear and I've got tons of those popular Nike running shorts. My little sister was in a sorority and those Nike shorts are part of the uniform, so thanks to her hand-me-ups I've got my bottom half covered. That's about where it ends.

Yasi strolls into Body Pump fresh off the Lululemon runway and I feel like Myrtle Urkel in my layers of Target sports bras and Old Navy tees. I'm not trying to look like one of those gym-hotties who wears hot pink and doesn't even put her hair in a pony tail, but I want to feel confident! Going to the gym is intimidating and I think getting the fashion part down would help a lot of women who are already self conscious about their figures. I mean I just recently became comfortable with wearing sleeveless to pump iron.

The bottom line with workout attire is that it is a serious investment. I could look like Brittney Spears if I just had the money! Really nice exercise clothing is expensive. What I need from you, dear readers, are suggestions on where to find cheap but nice exercise clothes. I usually do not trust on-line stores, but could change my mind if necessary.


P.S. After my run and a lunch at Farm-to-Table (retracting all previous good review on this place, btdubs) we went to Good Sports and I got new outdoorsy shoes and running pants!


Leah said...

Thanks for the shout out.. ironically though, many soror girls wear nikes with rainbows. Clearly they arent running in them.

Christi W said...

For cute workout tees I like Danskin Now sold at Walmart. They are very cheap and come in tons of colors, even hot pink :)

Brigid said...

Well, since you mentioned Good Sports, I have to say they have some great stuff there! Expensive, yes, but really great brands with good quality. Wait until they have a whole store 60% off sale (which actually happens quite frequently) and then you can start your own runway.