Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let me preface by stating 1. because it is the reality of the situation and 2. because I don't want you thinking I'm some brat with nothing better to do than is good. I know that. But life is definitely a little hectic right now and I'm not exactly coping well. Sleep has become somewhat of a luxury these days as images of my patients and teeth and faculty seem to haunt my every thought. Sadly the fleeting moments of shut eye I do seem to catch are usually when I fall asleep on the couch in some awkward position always with Hugo snoring nearby and some Bravo rerun I've already seen playing on the TV. Will I get all my requirements done before the end of the year? Is there enough time? Are my patients going to show up late today? Are my patients going to show up at all??
I wish there was a pause button just to take a minute and regroup.

To make matters worst, I have a bit of a knee situation brewing and that, I'm sure, is adding to my recent angst and overall inability to cope. Since I'm too scared to go to the doctor and find out what is actually going on with my knee, I'm taking the advice of an orthopedics resident and taking two weeks off from running along with following a strict Ibuprofen regimen and daily stretching exercises. That two weeks began last Sunday. And I'm officially going crazy. Running is how I've coped with dental school the past two and half years, it's an outlet. No, I don't think more clearly or get rid of my anger when I run. I just like running. Being outside, sun shining, some good tunes playing on the iPod-blissful. Plus it gets rid of my excess energy in a non-exhausting-schoolday way so my mind doesn't race and I sleep better at night.

There is something positive that has come from all of this. Yoga in San Antonio. Though I discovered the studio a few months back, I have been attending classes more frequently in hopes of burning some calories with very little impact on my knee. Yoga Shala reminds me of the yoga studio I attended in Austin when I first fell in love with Vinyasa classes. The studio is modest, people super friendly and the instructors inspiring. Plus it's in one of my favorite parts of San Antonio so I'll use any excuse to visit the Stone Oak area more often!

This posture scares me a little bit.
Also, another positive because I'm no negative Nancy! I'm going to Vegas this weekend. Yay.

Yes, that says strategy book. You can judge me.
An aside-this may seem silly but I'm oddly comforted by my realization that the reason for my recent crazy spell is most likely due to the self-inflicted lack of activity. If my knee doesn't get better soon, I'm going to run anyway. It's just a knee, right?

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