Monday, February 1, 2010

Musica Nueva

I've been told that my music taste is, "geriatric." Whatever. Everyone loves Rod Stewart. Well my lil sis introduced me to a guy my own age, Eric Hutchinson. His style is like Rufus Wainright + Michael Buble + John Legend + Keith Urban, so I dig it.

I'm not ready to add EH to my list of all time favorites, but he's something new to jam to in the car. I don't quite want to wear out John Mayer's Battle Studies and my car passengers (B) are getting very tired of The Definitive Collection by Stevie Wonder. I love music in the car almost as much as I love driving to a restaurant, so we'll save music posts for another day.

As for now...I need travel advice! The plan is to go to Denver for Spring Break. Anyone know of unique, low-priced, centrally located hotels? I'm looking at The Curtis and The Magnolia, and wishing I was rich and could have bubble bath turn down service and in-room yoga sessions at Hotel Teatro. (In the meantime I will stick to pampering myself with the one-dollar-magical-mexican-masks from HEB.) For those of you looking for cool spots in other cities, we had an A-MAY-ZING stay at Hotel Max in Seattle two spring breaks ago.


tom laster said...

The new Vampire Weekend album--Contra is also fantastic! I bit hipster, a bit low-fi, but with songs that just stay in your head (even if you can't figure out the words)

Yasi said...

You have to listen to Ceu, the self titled album. Not jam out music but I love her voice!
And you know how I feel about Denver so i'm going to refrain from commenting.

musica nueva 2013 said...

Sounds goos what you said @yasi