Monday, February 15, 2010

An ode to my tamale maker.

I haven't been blogging lately. I just haven't had much to say. Like Yasi said earlier, my days have become full of thinking about patients and deadlines and lab work for over 15 hours a day. The past two weeks have been bad at school and one thing after another kept piling itself on top of each other. By the time Friday evening rolled around, I was ready to crash and tuck myself under a rock for the weekend.

Good thing B was there when I got home.

Our non-planned out Valentines weekend that somehow turned into a Mexican inspired weekend was so nice. I feel recuperated, comfortable, at ease, sure of my self and ready to tackle the next two weeks ahead of me.
We honestly didn't do that much: We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant he likes to eat at in SA, saw a movie I wanted to see, which he ended up liking better than I. Went on a hike that both we and Ti really needed. Then came the valentines surprises.
Can I just say, without getting all cheesy (unless we're talking about the cheese in the chile rellenos), that I think you've really found someone who just gets you (and you get them??) when somehow the valentines (and all other day to day and holiday) surprises they have for you make you stop in your tracks and go 'seriously?/Oh my gah/how did he ever think of this/oh that is so cute/wow-original/hehe thats creative/wow I love this!' all at the same time.
My "gift" = pretty lame but I know he enjoyed. I made his fav mexican dish chile rellenos with ground bison meat and a made up roasted red pepper/tomatillo/cream sauce.
His "gift" = genius. He made me Mexican chocolate tamales and gave me his heart in the form of a recent EKG print out. There was a palpitation on one of the waves so that must have been when he had thought about me...bahaha. Ok, this is getting too cheesy.
But seriously, if any of ya'll know me, you must know how much I loved those tamales! (well, still working on them)

Any valentines surprises out there from this weekend that made you stop and think "Wow"??

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