Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby fever?

More like hot flashes and cold sweats!

On Saturday, I visited Babies R Us for the first time to get a baby shower gift. Omg, that place is bananas. I had the printed out gift registry in hand but my mind was spinning--breast pump this, boppy that...who knew there was this gigantic market feeding off parental freak out moments? There was an entire section devoted to anti-bacterial hand wash and I was in a frenzy searching for the exact BPA-free glass (or was it plastic?) single 9 oz bottle whose product ID number was no where to be found.

Very quickly I realized that having a baby is no joke. You have to have time, money and enough wits about you to know which preparation books to read and which widgets to buy. I will hereby be sticking with my decision to wait until there is a 3 in front of my age to even consider children. For now I am *quite* pleased watching other people have babies-- like Kendra, Kourtney and my dear friends in real life.

After grabbing my gift I headed swiftly for the safety of my car-- Ahhh Rod Stewart singing about his Old Motown Records--and headed directly over to the Shops at La Cantera to catch my breath. I had a nice light meal at the cafe nestled inside Nordstrom (I do NOT recommend their baked potato soup, blech, so much for going out on a limb) and read the Omnivore's Dilemma. So far I am only like 20 pages in, but things are looking interesting. Hopefully, I'll have time on Spring Break to make more of a dent and get back atcha with a review.

Saturday was just the kind of "me" day I needed. I forgot about how much time I used to spend alone and how much I enjoyed it. I definitely love having a "life-partner" these days, but hanging out with yourself is cool too. After grubbing at Nordstrom I looked at some cardigans, got some benefit eye primer and some shu uemura cleanser. I even got my eyebrows threaded!

Thre--whhaaa did you just say? Yes, threaded. It's a really simple way of shaping your brows with some twisted up pieces of thread even though it sounds scary. I've never waxed because it makes me nervous. Threading isn't painless, but at least I know my brow won't be removed in one fell swoop as these nice ladies quickly and meticulously shape my face hair. In Houston there are lots of places to have this done, especially in the Indian part of town, but in San Antonio I actually had this done at a KIOSK in the mall!! Final result pictured below.

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Yasi said...

that's a nice pair of brows!

babies = scary.