Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh, summer vacay hasn't started yet?!

This past weekend has been so fun/kind of crazy yet relaxing at the same time. I need to remind myself daily that the few fleeting weeks of summer vacation I have are still in fact weeks away. I started off the weekend with a couple hours of sand volleyball, arguably my favorite sport to play. Competitive, diving around in the sand, soaking up sunshine outside, you can't beat it! Then in honor of Earth Day I went to watch DisneyNature's Oceans with a few awesome people. There are some crazy looking fish out there and I highly recommend the movie. It's really cool to see but also a disturbing reminder that humans are basically ruining the planet. Scary.

On Friday I enjoyed a lazy morning and eventually dragged myself out of bed to get ready for a day trip to Austin. First stop...SnoBeach! If i didn't feel guilty about wasting all the gas and time to get there, I would drive up regularly just for these snow cones. There are a couple of locations around Austin but I always end up going to the one on Guadalupe simply out of convenience. With my snow cone came some serious college nostalgia so I walked around campus while enjoying my syrupy icy goodness. Those undergrad kids just don't know how good they have it!

So then I was waiting around for some people to get ready and I decided to make a trip to Whole Foods. The San Antonio Whole Foods could basically fit into the produce section of the Austin Whole Foods. I love that place. And that wasn't meant to be San Antonio-bashing, just an observation! Anyway, finally everyone met up and we headed over to Austin Music Hall for DJ Tiesto. I don't even know where to begin describing the things that went on at this concert. First thing we see after we park are a bunch of girls walking around in their skivies with fur knee-high boots and pacifiers in their mouths. Among other reasons, I will not do drugs because grown women should not be walking around with pacifiers. Anyway, when you walked into the concert you were greeted by bright lights, heavy bass and a huge mass of people packed together like sardines.

We danced for five hours straight, losing some people in our crew and meeting up with others along the way. My friend May was with me the whole time and she might have been the only other person that danced as much as I did. We ended up toward the front so close to the speakers that my ears were still ringing when I woke up on May's couch the next/same morning. We were also probably the only two people not smoking pot or taking ecstasy in the whole place. I was getting dizzy with all the bright, flashing lights I can't imagine how everyone else was feeling! All in all it was an awesome experience that I would probably partake in again although not in the near future.

I came back to San Antonio on Saturday morning, sans the usual heavy feeling that accompanies my drives leaving Austin. It's funny how everything seems a little brighter when you have something...or come back to. Brigid and I enjoyed the gorgeous Saturday afternoon and a nice chat at her apartment's pool. Then due to my lack of sleep and the exhaustion settling in with it, Saturday night was kept pretty chill, dinner and a movie with some friends. Next thing I knew my lazy Sunday morning came to a close, I went on kind of disastrous run, took a poolside nap and watched The Cove (highly recommend that too!) and Monday morning was around the corner. Take home lesson: nothing like a good weekend to prevent the Monday blues.

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