Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coffee break

So, I have this really awesome to-go coffee mug that has been my rock this semester. I just keep it in my cubicle, rinse it out, and anytime I have the coffee urge its ready to go! Plus it's super cute.

Yes, it's the "green" thing to do, and if everyone did this, think of how many paper cups we wouldn't be using? But really, paper will decompose eventually so that's not my driving reason.
Lets look at this: Dental school cafeteria small coffee: $1.74 (and probably rising).
Coffee refill in any reusable cup you bring: $0.89. Plus, my cup is huge!

Well, today I had to be over in the Medical School (ugh) all morning and they have a little place that will make latte's, so naturally I brought my handy mug. Things didn't go as easily as I thought it would:
Me: (holding the mug out) "Hi, could I have a skim milk latte please?"
Barista: Umm, what is that cup, is that glass?
Me: No, its just a reusable mug for coffee.
Barista: Well, I can't use that because it might break with our machine or the hot coffee.
Me: Oh no, it will be fine. I use it for coffee all the time!
Barista: I'll just make your latte in a paper cup and then you can pour it in, ok?
Me: Uhhh, well that doesn't really make sense because the whole point of using this is to save the paper cup and not waste an extra cup.
Barista: Oh, so you're doing this because it's Earth Day, right?
Me: (NOOOOOO stupid! Earth day isn't even until tomorrow! I just like my cup, ok? Can I have my latte now?) "I don't think it's Earth day, but I might be wrong"

Then when it's all said and done (the mug didn't break!), she's ringing up the register. She charged me the full price of a large latte.

Lesson: stay away from the medical school.

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