Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Anyone else itching to get outside?

The trees are in bloom!
The wildflowers are in bloom!
Bluebonnets in bloom!
Even the weeds are blooming!

Seriously, the blooming Mountain Laurel trees are about the only good thing about our campus right now...anyone else get intoxicated from the grape koolaid bouquet?

Especially since this has been the story of our days:

dirty hands

dusty clothes...and NO windows!

So, in other outdoorsy news, everyone in San Antonio needs to get themselves out to the new Medical Center running trail! It is so nice right now before its too hot and all the weeds are blooming. Seriously wonderful running through fields of yellow and purple.

Even a dog can appreciate the flowers

And lastly, back to the Mountain Laurels.

I think my favorite part of spring

If anyone loves these little darling trees as much as I do (weird, right?) here are my recommendations of where you must go around here.

Government Canyon State Natural Area
It tells you something that there is a creek and a trail in the park that is called Laurel Canyon. B and I went last year just for an afternoon hike and one of the front country trails went through a little valley and it was blanketed with blooming mountain laurels. Seriously intoxicating.

Lost Maples State Natural Area
I would recommend this park for so soo many reasons before mountain laurels (It is currently my favorite!), but since we're on the topic, they have them too. Also, at the top of one of the hills (I forgot which trail) there are several trees of a rare type that has white flowers instead of purple.

So get yourselves outside! We only have a few weeks left before 100 degree weather prohibits you from getting too far from the swimming pool.

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