Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Happy belated Birthday to Jamie!
I had a few people over to my place last weekend to celebrate Jamie's birthday. Yasi and I started feeling pretty bad that the celebration was getting soooo belated, but it was still a good time had by all.
A few re-caps:

Um, maybe when you are planning a surprise party for a friend it would be a good idea on your part to get in touch with her boyfriend (I sent him an email!). But also maybe when you are in dental school and getting like 50 emails a day about very important things it would be a good idea on his part to check his email more often than every three/four days. Well when Jamie told her B that day she was going to come over to my place for a "bloggy dinner", at least she got a really candid response because he didn't know he should be hiding anything.
*I did end up talking to Jamie's B that day so he was able to join us in the festivities...thank goodness*
***See below for the confusion and explanation about all the "B's" in our life***

We feasted on some traditional Brazilian party food...Caipirihna's, Feijoado (a meat/bean stew), and Pao de Queijo...and a plain, non-Brazilian chocolate cake.
Why Brazilian? Well I was looking at Food and Wine and some cocktail spins they had and there was an interesting take on the Caipirihna (the drink that first started the relationship between me and my B, but that's for another day). And so, I tailored the menu around the drinks...always a good idea!

***The Secret Lives of B's***
If you don't know us and have been reading a few of our posts, you might be wondering: "Who are all these people called B?" or "Brigid talks about a B and Jamie has a B; so do they share a boyfriend?" or "Just use their names!!"
Well - Jamie's boyfriend (a fellow dental student) and my boyfriend (a non-dentite) are both B's. So if you read "my B" then you might want to check out which one of us is writing. My B isn't totally on board with this whole internet-life sharing thing and asked for some anonymity on the blog. I'm assuming Jamie's B feels the same way. They are kind of similar in that regard, seeing as how both refuse to have a facebook account (and we were in college when facebook started and was only for college students and was non-sketch!).
So, if you know any eligible Brad's or Bill's; I'm sure Yasi is looking for a B also!


Yasi said...

Tehehe if i get a B then PLSB will lose its token bachelorette and we can't have that!

Jamie said...

You must add pictures of the food. That was the most amazing part!

j's mom said...

Thanks for surprising Jamie with a party. That was so sweet of you guys.

Caitlin Buck said...

while you're at it, look for a 'B' (or any letter from A-Z) for me, too!