Friday, January 8, 2010

Damn it feels good to be a Longhorn

Please read title to tune of the Geto Boys classic "Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta". Check it. This post is meant to acknowledge two significant realizations that I came to while watching my beloved Longhorns battle it out for the BCS title tonight. No shame in that loss. I love you Colt...

1. Being a longhorn alum is badass. People like to send you rude comments via facebook messages, text messages and/or emails because they know that your alma mater is badass. Said people usually did not attend a school worth mentioning in any discussion of American universities. Realization #1: screw them.

2. After a break up it seems that your friends feel it would be comforting to "highlight" any of a number of attributes regarding your ex including but not limited to:
a. he was a douche bag
b. i think he might have been gay**
c. you totally deserve someone better looking
Hmmm...why someone would find these comments comforting is beyond me. Anyway, when you broke up with your ex 4 months prior and have barely given it a second thought yet he still takes time and expends energy to call and tell your friends he wishes you sadness over a football game, certain things begin to run through your mind. Realization #2: yes, your ex is a bona fide D.B. Fair enough. But he is still bitter that you dropped his ass like a bad habit.

Me: 1. Him: minus a billion.

**Ya, that really happened.

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tom laster said...

hahahahaha lol lqtm!
Keep the 1:17am posts coming, Yas :)