Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A series of introductions....

: Jamie
Hailing from: we'll say "Houston," but my pride lies with a little place more specific
Pets: unlike the other contributors to this blog, I am not a dog person. Not a pet person really. My plants are my pets and I love them.
Fave coffee drink: I go through phases depending on the season. How about an iced, decaf, non-fat, sugarfree caramel macchiato (but don't be shistey with the caramel drizzle).
Favorite childhood movies: Home Alone and Mrs Doubtfire (but the list goes on and on--I was an indoor kid)
Favorite reality tv show: Stumped! I like a lot: Million dollar listing, anything on TLC (The Little Couple, Say Yes to the Dress), The City, Rachel Zoe, Tabatha's salon Takeover, Real Housewives of NY
Travel experience: So thankful for my study abroad experience in Barcelona--got to see lots of Spain, South of France, Monaco, Italy (Rome, Florence), Greece (Athens, Santorini, Mykonos-favorite), Andorra, Amsterdam, Prague, Lisbon (favorite).
I would like to visit: Istanbul!
Social pet peeve: Cracking knuckles, Speaking loudly on your cell phone in a public place--bad cell etiquette in general, Driving slowly
Inspired to blog by: ElefantitasAlegres.blogspot.com
If I wasn't going to be a dentist I would be: CEO of a non-profit or a Hair stylist or a Restaurant review writer
Favorite snow cone flavor: Bubblegum
Favorite recipe: Hominy, polenta, green chili, black bean casserole from Epicurious.com
Most anticipated holiday event this year: Good friends' wedding--eek! Probably watching a TV series on DVD in its entirety with my sisters. Suggestions?
Least favorite fashion trend: Those stupid plastic hipster glasses. People who really need glasses to see (me) take offense. Plus they are just hideous.
Life philosophy: Slow and steady wins the race.
Chunky or smooth salsa: Green, creamy and spicy.
How do you like your eggs: Two egg whites to one egg yolk ratio scrambled or fried.
Black/dark nail polish--do or don't: Do do do!
Favorite season: Summer, no contest.
Best lesson learned from 90s sitcom: Don't mess with gangs. Remember when Rachel's restaurant got trashed on Family Matters by the Dragons? Luckily Steve was able to go undercover and save the day.
Favorite MJ song: PYT-Pretty Young Thing
Would you rather run, bike, or swim: Run, but really none of the above most days out of the year, and any of the above if a fun situation presents itself.
Goal for PLSB: To bring interesting thoughts to the blogosphere and brighten someone's day.

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