Saturday, November 28, 2009

Allow me to introduce...myself.

Name: Yasi

Hailing from: (area--non specific) Dallas T.X.
Pets: Hugo lovingly referred to as The Hyoogs, Hugster, Hugo Boss
Fave coffee drink: Soy latte, extra hot. You want to add one pump of any pumpkin flavored syrup, fine by me.
Fave childhood movie: My Father the Hero...currently still on my all time top ten list.
What you spread on toast: Butter with my mom's homemade quince jam.
Fave reality tv show: Top Chef
Travel experience: Summer abroad in Arles, France. Block parties every week with my host family's neighbors, pain au chocolat every morning, and lets not forget I got to experience World Cup 2006 European style.

I would like to visit: Lisbon!
Social pet peeve: Chewing with an open mouth.
Fave website or blog: and
Dream occupation excluding being a dentist: Owner/chef of a French bistro serving breakfast and lunch made with fresh vegetables from the courtyard garden. Yes, I've put some thought into this idea.
Fave snow cone flavor: Half tigers blood, half sangria, cream all over please.
Fave recipe or cuisine: I couldn't possibly pick one recipe so I'll say Persian cuisine, gotta stick to my roots.
Most anticipated holiday event this year (or most looking forward to): Skiing in the Rockies.
Least favorite fashion trend: Leggings
Chunky or smooth salsa: Smooth
How do you like your eggs: 2 eggs, tsp. heavy cream, pinch salt, scrambled.
Black/dark nail polish--do or dont: Do it!
Favorite season: We don't really have fall in Texas, so I'll stick with summer.
Favorite MJ song: Beat it
Fave US national park: Glacier Park
Would you rather run, bike, or swim: RUN
Name of future 1st born child: I don't really like aliens...I mean, children.
Thoughts on fiber: Include it, often.

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