Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Introduction is in order

Hello! I am Brigid, hailing from San Antonio.

Jamie and Yasi put together some questions for us to use as our introductions - so here we go!

Pets: The wild and crazy Tiberius! (Ti)

Fave coffee drink: Well, I love anything sweetened and with lots of cinnamon but the *Bucks caramel macchiato is pretty fantastic also. I think once Jamie and I talked about this drink for a full week.
What you spread on toast: Butter! Or, in the words of Julia Child "With enough butter, anything is good!"
Travel experience: ¡Mexico! EspaƱa y Brasil… These were all study-abroad type trips in college (I know, spoiled), and it may or may not be a coincidence that these are all Latin American or Spanish speaking.
I would like to visit: Turkey and the Mediterranean. And anywhere else if I'm going to be honest.
Social pet peeve: Rudeness
Fave website or blog: nytimes.com, my blogger dashboard, foodnetwork.com
Dream occupation excluding being a dentist: I think I would have to say Spanish teacher, only because I am now so invested in this whole dental thing that it's hard for me to imagine/create anything else.
Fave recipe or cuisine: Granola? (explanation coming) or really good and fresh Mexican.
Most anticipated holiday event this year (or most looking forward to): Thanksgiving…I need a break! And all six siblings will be in town! And my youngest sister just turned 21 so we need to celebrate.
Least favorite fashion trend: scrubs :(
Chunky or smooth salsa: Spicy - doesn't matter if chunky or smooth.
How do you like your eggs: nothing runny or goey please! I always thought I didn't like fried eggs b/c I hated the runny yoke. I only recently discovered you could flip it or break it to cook the yoke so it's not runny.
Black/dark nail polish--do or dont: I don't but I still think it looks great on others!
Favorite season: Either fall or spring. I don't like anything too extreme.
Best lesson learned from 90s sitcom: I don't think I was allowed to watch sitcoms in the 90's, something about a deprived childhood leading to the current pop-culture deficit in my life. Although I probably have watched enough TV as a procrastination device in D-school to make up for this.
Favorite MJ song: Did I mention I culturally missed the 90's?
Fave US national park: I think Jamie & Yasi added this just for me. Interesting factoid though - while I've been to several national parks, I can only remember two. All others were before the age of 3 and all of my other adventures have been mainly state parks. So, National park - Big Bend (so far). Favorite state parks? Lost Maples. Again, so far...
Would you rather run, bike, or swim: Why choose - Tri all three! Although I'm not such a fan of running.
Name of future 1st born child: Haven't decided yet. I have decided that this is not for a long while.
Thoughts on fiber: Absolutely necessary! So is coffee. For the same reason.

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