Monday, November 15, 2010

And another thing....

Kanye West is a delusional idiot. And I can say that because I am a one-third owner of this blog. He has never proven himself to me, so I'll never understand why he's always saying how wonderful he is. Kanye West uses other (greater) artist's samples to talk over. He cons listeners into thinking he's rapping when he's actually just rhyming the same word with itself, putting an emphasis on the other syllable. I've had enough of his spoiled, childish rants. Can we say undeserving diva? The best thing Kanye ever did was put Dion from Clueless into his music video for "All Falls Down," but then again he probably didn't think of that himself anyway.

I've been listening to hip hop for a really long time and there are much better performers who let their music speak for them. I actually saw Kanye perform in Barcelona in 2006 and for an artist who claims to be changing the world with his words, there were probably about 5 Spaniards who even knew who he was. The highlight of that concert was the surprise Common cameo, as Kanye himself was completely uninspired and unengaged with the crowd, like a robot on repeat.

There's a lot of buzz about Kanye's new album, but I'll probably pass on Paranoid with a Peter Pan complex.


Buky said...

A woman after my own heart. I thought I was the only one who thinks Kanye West is overrated

Christi W said...

I like your new header. Good job on keeping things fresh