Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dumpster diving

B found this chair in the dumpster at his apartment last spring.

When he brought it up, I told him he couldn't sit on the original cushion. Nasty! Who knows where that has been or who has sat on it. Plus, the cushioning had torn and there was no support for the seat.

Well, he quickly found a solution to keeping the cushion supported.
And soon enough he spent every extra minute out on his porch sitting, watching the boats go by. Sitting on this chair. With a gross cushion. From the dumpster.

But then I got my hands on it this summer. And tore it apart.


Refinished. Stained.
With an idea.
(Has anyone else used jute before? I have a whole roll left over looking for a project)

Turns out jute is a pretty strong and great for upholstery. So I wove it into the frame.

Like elementary school weaving, but harder since I had to sew each end in.

Did I mention how long this sewing took?

Especially when the dogs got in the way.
** Yes, plural...dogs. More on this pandemonium later.

Speaking of dogs, Ti really enjoys the new dog bed (old cushion). Except its stint inside was less than a minute, it is now his patio lounger.

The best part - the final project is a success!!

A little stiff now at the beginning, but I know it will loosen up.

And to spiffy it up, an Ikea cushion that fits perfectly!

I just can't decide if I like it better with, or without the cushion.


Caitlin said...

dude. awesome. i think you got all the creative genes in the family.

Kim said...

yeah totally cool!! Where did you learn to do all that? Your boyfriend is gross, good thing you are there to fix everything up and make it pretty!

Christi W said...

The final result looks amazing! And very comfortable :)

tom laster said...

OMG, you're amazing!!